• B2-6008B2-K6008
  • (CNC) Crankshaft Abrasive Belt Polishing Machine
  • Features of the machine tool performance and structure

    Based on years experience over designing, manufacturing abrasive belt polishing machines and absorbed international advanced technology, B2-6008 crankshaft abrasive belt polishing machine is a kind of machine tool developed exclusively for polishing excircle surface of crankshaft, on basis of which and in accordance with market requirements, B2-K6008 CNC crankshaft abrasive belt polishing machine is developed with new structure, advanced technology and perfect performance.

      • With a rational layout and integral protective cover, the machine tool is convenient for maintenance and in conformity with human engineering requirements.
      • For the work head, the rotation of spindle and axial vibration are controlled by two variable frequency motors respectively. With the aid of frequency conversion control system, the range of speeds and optimum vibration frequency can be selected according to the material and size of workpiece, thus to meet the requirement of improving surface roughness by means of polishing process.
      • The forward and backward movement of tailstock spindle and polishing head is driven by hydraulic system.
      • The feeding of abrasive belt winding mechanism is adjustable according to workpiece processing requirement. The surface roughness can be improved over one grade after a working cycle.
      • The major component of electrical system is provided by Omron and Fuji Electric.
      • The hydraulic system adopts the products of Northman. (Also can apply other brand of products in accordance with the requirement of users)
      • Compare with the advantages ofeasy operation and reliable performance for the B2-6008 crankshaft abrasive belt polishing machine, the NC type B2-K6008 features more convenient for adjustment and stronger adaptability, and is suitable for processing multiple kinds of crankshafts with different diameters and lengths.


    Specification Unit B2 - (K) 6008
    ×7 ×10 ×15
    Maximum diameter of workpiece mm Æ200 Æ300 Æ300
    Maximum crank radius mm R60 R75 R75
    Maximum length of workpiece mm 750 1000 1500
    Height of center mm 340 360 360
    Distance between centers mm 750 1000 1500
    Speed of spindle (stepless) r/min 20~200 15~150 15~150
    Vibration frequency (stepless) Hz 0~180 0~85 0~85
    Amplitude of vibration (adjustable) mm 0~4 0~4 0~4
    Total motor capacity Kw 8 14 14
    Overall dimensions of the machine tool (L´W´H) mm 2800´600´1900 3300´2300´2000 3600´2300´2000
    Net weight kg 3000 4000 4500

    Specifications, precision and appearance are subject to change without notice because of constantly development of our technology.