• B2-K4001
  • CNC Camshaft Deburring Machine
  • Features of the machine tool performance and structure

    Based on the operating principle of grinding wheel, B2-K4001 CNC Camshaft Deburring Machine adopts special buffing wheel for grinding out camshaft burrs. It is exclusively used for deburring engine camshafts of motor vehicles, tractors and compressors. After camshaft is ground, obtuse angles shall be formed at both ends of main journal and cam, thus workpiece surface is improved.

    The machine tool is suitable for massive production of automobile factories, tractor factories, plants for exclusive production of camshafts, compressors and factories for making repairs and supply replacements. The machine tool offers simple adjustment, convenience for maintenance and high efficiency.


    Maximum distance between centers (mm) 1500
    Height of center (mm) 200
    Speed of spindle for workpiece (stepless) (rpm) 10~60
    Speed of spindle for buffing head (rpm) 1450
    Vibration frequency of buffing head (stepless) (Hz) 10~120
    Amplitude range of buffing head (mm) 1~5
    Maximum travel of tailstock movement (mm) 75
    Net weight (kg) 3500
    Overall dimensions of the machine tool (cm) 300×230×269

    Specifications, precision and appearance are subject to change without notice because of constantly development of our technology.