• B2-K7002
  • CNC Rack Shaft Abrasive Belt Polishing Machine
  • Features of the machine tool performance and structure

    B2-K7002 CNC Rack Shaft Abrasive Belt Polishing Machine is designed for exclusive processing rack shafts of steering gears in automobile manufacturing industry. It features high precision, high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, good reputation and high market share in the country for super-finishingprocessing rack shafts with reliable performance.

      • With the rational layout and integral protective cover, the machine tool is convenient for maintenance and in conformity with human engineering requirements.
      • It successfully solves quality problems caused by rack shaft surface roughness and waviness.
      • Polishing head worktable feeding (Z axis) adopts AC servomotor - ball screws drive modewith minimum setting unit of 0.1μm and maximum fast forward speed of 5m/min.
      • Cylinder control is adopted for extending and closing up movement of polishing arm, which is convenient for processing workpieces with different diameters.
      • Mechanism design for belt transporting system of machine processing cutter (abrasive belt) and abrasive belt are suitable for selection of belts with different processing requirements.
      • The machine tool adopts an imported advanced CNC system and is provided with all-around controlling functions including grinding program changes, workpiece quality control, machine condition monitoring, fault self-diagnostics, abnormal alarm, and convenient menu type interface input.


    Specification Unit B2-K7002
    Maximum rotating diameter mm Æ32
    Distance between centers mm 1000
    Height of center mm 340
    Maximum grinding diameter mm Æ32
    Maximum workpiece weight between centers kg 50
    Control system   Mitsubishi
    Worktable Feed speed mm/min 0.05~5000
    Minimum setting unit mm 0.001
    Work head Center   MT. No.5
    Rotating speed r/min 10~200 (stepless)
    Tailstock Center   MT. No.5
    Travel of center mm 100
    Electrical system Torque of worktable feeding motor N.m 6 (Mitsubishi)
    Power of work head spindle motor Kw 3Kw, frequency conversion motor
    Power of spindle vibration motor Kw 0.75Kw, frequency conversion motor
    Net Weight kg 4000

    Working accuracy (standard test specimen)

    Inspection item B2-K7002
    Roundness, cylindricity Without damaging processing precision achieved in the preceding working procedure
    Consistency of the longitudinal section diameter 0.01mm
    Roughness Enhancing one more grade precision on basis of the original one

    Layout plan

    Specifications, precision and appearance are subject to change without notice because of constantly development of our technology.