• B2-K7006
  • Rack Shaft Oil Stone Super-finishing Machine
  • Features of the machine tool performance and structure

    Based on super-finishing processing principle, B2-K7006 Rack Shaft Oil Stone Super-finishing Machine carries out super finishing processing external cylindrical surface of workpiece through plunge-cutmethod, which improves its roughness and roundness, wipes out affected layer formed in the preceding processing procedure. As a result, it enhances abrasion resistance, service life of workpieces and reduces noise formed during their movement.

    The machine tool is suitable for massive processing slender shaft components such as rack shafts etc.


    Maximum length of workpiece being machined (mm) 500
    Maximum machining diameter (mm) 30
    Speed of running roller rotating (stepless) (rpm) 45~260
    Linear speed of running roller (m/min) 14~82
    Amplitude range of vibration head (mm) 1.5~4
    Vibration frequency of vibration head (Hz) 23~33
    Lifting distance of vibration head (mm) 70
    Number of cylinder oil stone (piece) 6
    Cylinder oil stone piston stroke (mm) 30
    Maximum working pressure (MPa) 0.6
    Net weight (kg) 3000
    Overall dimensions of the machine tool (cm) 220×207×173

    Specifications, precision and appearance are subject to change without notice because of constantly development of our technology.